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Fortress of Faial is a fort in Santana. Fortress of Faial is situated in Faial, close to M

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Madeira Management

Consulting, Management and Service Provider

Company dedicated to provide services within the scope of the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM) and to support investors, their families, staff and other foreign citizens, in their integration in Portugal, namely with regard to obtaining residence and the status of Non- Habitual Resident (NHR).



Founded in 1964, it was the first accounting and tax firm to operate in Madeira Island. With a long and diverse experience, adopts a spirit of true partnership with its clients, based on responsibility, transparency, integrity, rigour and confidentiality. Some of its clients date back to its origin.


Founded in 2006, it was one of the first law firms based in Madeira. Its practice is based on tenacity and independence, presenting, in an innovative and personalized way, solutions that are governed by the highest technical and deontological standards.




Incorporations, registrations and redomiciliations of companies and branches, particularly in Madeira`s International Business Centre (IBCM)

Consulting and provision of accounting services and services related to tax, financial, economic, legal, procurement and investment areas

Elaboration of business projects, including the application procedures for public investment/financial incentive programmes.

Human Resource Management

Legal representations

Administrative and management services

Investors, their Families and Employees

All tax, legal and logistic support needed for an easy integration in Portugal

Income statements

Assistance regarding tax residence permits

Assistance regarding the Non-Habitual

Residents tax regime

Madeira`s International Business Centre

In 1980 it was approved the creation of Madeira`s Free Trade Zone, currently known as Madeira`s International Business Centre (IBCM), a regime that is part of the Portuguese Tax Benefits Statute.

The IBCM is expressly approved by the European Union as form of State aid to promote the regional development of an ultra-peripheral region, and is fully integrated in the Portuguese legal system.

The IV regime was approved in 2015, granting a number of tax benefits to companies licensed to operate within the scope of the IBCM, including a reduced rate of Corporate Income Tax (CIT, Portuguese IRC tax) of 5% until December 31st, 2027.

Early morning mist in the ancient laurisilva forest at Fanal, Madeira,




Special Tax Regime for Non-Habitual Residents

Part of a broader strategy to attract foreign investment and increase its economic competitiveness, becoming a premium real estate location as well as one of the leading EU countries in R&D and new technologies, in 2009 Portugal introduced a privileged Personal Income Tax regime for non-habitual residents (NRH).


These NHR will be tax exempt regarding most foreign income, while benefiting from a reduced taxation on some Portuguese income, provided some conditions are met.


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Rua Direita nº35, 3º A/B
9050-450 Funchal Madeira -





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